Welcome to the YOU CAN website and thank you for your interest in our project!


My name is Katerina Bril, I am the founder and leader of the Belarusian social project YOU CAN.

Since 2018, we have been working on teenagers’ professional design: we help them find their vocation and make the most of their abilities.

It’s especially difficult for orphans to choose what to be. That’s why YOU CAN helps such kids: we tell them about professions, conduct motivational camps and internships. You can read more about how three seasons of the camp went here.

Over three shifts, we have brought together more than 200 teenage orphans. Our charges start to believe in themselves and choose an interesting and in-demand profession.

YOU CAN was started as a charity project, but over time it has grown into a social start-up. We realised that we could not invite all Belarusian teenagers to the camp. So we thought of a way to help high-school students build a path to their dream profession.

For more than a year, we hatched the idea of a robot guru. It is a chat-bot in Telegram, which offers a teenager to take a career guidance test and, based on its results, it selects suitable professions.

We are open to cooperation and welcome any suggestions.


1. If you would like to support the project and help teenagers from Belarus, please email us at We will contact you to discuss details.


2. In 2021, I did my research internship on the topic of orphanhood and professional education at Warsaw State University. I analysed the work of various non-profit organisations in Poland. I talked to local authorities and realized that the problem of vocational guidance for orphans exists in Poland as well, unfortunately.

During my internship I became convinced that we could scale our experience to other countries.

If the mission of our project resonates with you and you would like to run a motivational camp or a professional internship for teenagers from your country, then email us at


3. In May 2021 we launched a chatbot for teenagers from Belarus. Initially, we planned to open the chatbot only to orphan teenagers. But later, we decided that kids from ordinary families would also be able to pass the chatbot — but for a fee.

After the launch of the chatbot, we collected feedback from schoolchildren and their parents. Both children and adults commented that the online platform is useful and helps to identify teenagers’ abilities and professions in which they can be applied.

The chatbot is written in Russian. But we have a strategy and written software, so we can prepare content in another language and launch the chatbot in another country.

If you are interested, please email us at